Will the #MeToo Movement Break the Stigma Surrounding Sexual Abuse

January 30, 2018

The recent wave of celebrities sharing their experiences with sexual abuse in Hollywood has sparked a global phenomenon. Symptomatic of the times we live in, the movement is identified by a hashtag, i.e. #MeToo.

Over the years, sexual abuse has been a taboo topic, even in developed nations like the US. With actresses coming out with their stories, slowly, but surely, there is a growing acceptance of this cultural anomaly, sparked primarily by male privilege.

The list of powerful celebs on the receiving end of allegations is too long to mention here. However, when people see the celebs they adore coming out and speaking out experiences that are harrowing, they are encouraged to break the silence and talk about an issue that most people sweep under the carpet.

The recent Golden Globes award ceremony was a major step in getting the point across. Male actors donned all black clothes and wore badges to support the movement, showing that #MeToo is breaking gender stereotypes along with the stigma surrounding sexual abuse.

The Legal Component

A major part of the recent tirade of allegations going around in Hollywood has been the legal ramifications those accused might have to deal with. The reason this point is being raised is because it’s a ‘his/her word against mine’ scenario in most cases. Collecting evidence for acts committed decades ago is no cakewalk and the victims need to realize this. Seeking legal support when you have gone through a traumatic experience, such as sexual abuse, should be the first step you take.

An experienced sexual abuse attorney will discuss with you the finer details of your case and decide on the best course of action. You should not compromise your chances of finding justice, even if it has been delayed, by making an allegation or accusation that you cannot back. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, many people have shared their stories on social media but it remains to be seen how many of them actually get the justice they deserve.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Case

Sexual abuse can be a difficult subject to talk about, particularly if you have been the victim of this heinous crime. We understand the shame and negative feelings that accompany the mere mention of this term.

Yet, at the same time, victims need to realize that they cannot afford to delay their cases. You should seek legal counsel at the earliest instance so you have an experienced attorney in your corner who can handle the process.

Rest assured, expert lawyers provide the empathy and support you need in a time of strife. Sometimes, an objective viewpoint helps you sift through the emotions and provide compelling evidence that can stand up to scrutiny.

Movements like #MeToo should be encouraged and supported. Simply knowing that other, more famous and powerful people have been through what you experienced can give you the courage and motivation to step forward and share your story. But before you do, make sure you speak to an experienced sexual abuse attorney!

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